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Hygiene, Safety, Health and Environment issues are extremely important, as they allow us all to work in a healthy environment, respecting the Environment, in a perspective of sustainable development.

Although there is always a need and obligation on the part of the organization to analyze its activities and implement protection/containment measures, as part of a process of continuous improvement, it is each of us as an individual who plays the most important role, and with greater impact on these matters.

The way we behave at work, the attitudes and postures we take, the awareness of the need to preserve our safety, that of our colleagues, as well as respecting the Environment, is undoubtedly the most important step towards improving the conditions of all the working group.

In this sense, we would like everyone to face these issues, not only as a set of rules and obligations, but mainly as a set of guidelines that contribute to safeguarding the integrity of each one of us and the Environment. .

Respect for Yourself, Your Colleagues, the Environment and Vanpro.