Quality Policy HSA


The Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Health and Environment Policy is based on preventive management as a system and on a process approach, leading to the supply of products and services recognized for their superior Quality and absolute respect for the Environmental and Safety conditions in the Work. It is also characterized by the elimination of the risk of accidents of any nature, when developing the processes.

In order to exceed the specific requirements of internal and external customers and shareholders, decision-making is based on facts, developing our activity based on fundamental principles for Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Health and Environment:

Continuous Improvement

People involvement

Process Approach

Risk Based Thinking

Customer Focus

Beneficial Customer-Supplier Relationships

Early Medical Intervention

Prevention of Occupational Illnesses and Accidents at Work

Environmental Protection including Pollution Prevention

Compliance with Applicable Current Legislation and other Requirements

In order to pursue these principles and the Environmental, Safety and Quality objectives and goals, the Management is committed to guaranteeing the availability of resources and competences, promoting, through delegation and responsibility, the participation of the entire organization.

Vanpro's success is measured through the continuous analysis of the degree of satisfaction of customers, shareholders, employees and other interested parties.

The review of policy and objectives is carried out according to the results of internal audits and the performance of processes. This is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees and persons working on Vanpro's behalf, as well as publicly available.

Yannick Leroy

Plant Director

Palmela, March 19, 2019

VP-DV-01-01 / Rev.07 (19/03/19)